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The Production Lines include:

  • Production utilizing the most advanced technologies such as Twin Screw Extruders and Continuous Mixer (LCM) technology, sourced from the most trusted suppliers
  • High speed mixers for seamless pre-mixing of the raw material
  • High precision computerized feeding systems to guarantee high consistency on formulation
  • Compartmented machines as well as Advanced dust collection system to guarantee cleanliness and inhibit contamination
  • Automatic weighing and bagging systems to eliminate human errors and to facilitate faster packaging process
  • Computerized inventory management system for the better management of raw materials as well as finished goods warehouse
  • Independent facility for the production of Black Masterbatches to inhibit any kind of cross contamination
  • High speed underwater pelletizers and Strand pelletisers - to supply as per the client requirements and be able best utilise production skills and capability
  • To continually improve our capacity and quality, new machines and technology are timely added


  • The tireless efforts made by Prayag have been well acknowledged by the industry and the government:
  • The Only Master Batch Company so far to be appreciated by the Government of India with the status of "Trading House" for its  unmatched contribution to exports.
  • Prayag has been awarded "Top Exporter of Master Batches from India" as the highest recognition for Exports for the year 2011-12 as well as 2012-13 by the Plastic Export Promotion Council, Government of India.
  • Awarded Gold Trophy for "HIGHEST CAGR during 2008-2011" in Exports of Masterbatches  by PLASTINDIA Foundation.
  • The company has achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certified by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) for complying with strict quality standards.

What are Masterbatches?

Masterbatches are basically polymer granulates having a high percentage of additives, higher than in the end use.

In the end usage, stages of production like Injection Molding, Extrusion, Roto Molding, Film, Blow Molding or Fibre production etc, these masterbatches are combined with the raw polymers to give the entire mixture, the required colour shade or the targeted alteration of specific properties (Additive Masterbatches).


Dependable process stability- Human errors as well as machine limitations are neglected because of the presence of exactly defined pre-dispersed pigment quantity in each and every granulate.

Easy and Clean production- Being present in granulate form, it inhibits handling large powder masses.

Characteristics of Ideal Masterbatches

The objective of manufacturing ideal masterbatch is to attain the optimum dispersive as well as distributive mixing of additives, pigments and fillers in the polymer matrix.
Consistent Formulation- assuring there is no difference in concentration and shade.
Right choice of components according to the specific needs of the end application eg,
For Pigments- Light fastness, REACH registration, ROHS, FDA approval, particle size, Heat Stability etc
For Base carrier resin- MFI, polymer type, special properties etc.
For Additives- eg for UV Masterbatches- type and concentration as per the application, period of utilization and area to be used at etc.

Why Prayag?

Production technology—

Masterbatches offered by us are manufactured using state of the art high torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders. These extruders allow for continuous production process with excellent control on various production parameters such as feed rate, temp, torque and more.

Twin Screw Extruders are used for the production of highest quality masterbatches with their separate elements for kneading, mixing and conveying actions, thereby ensuring high consistency and dispersion efficiency. Further, every machine has been assigned for production of specific colors only. This enables us to make a selection of the machine and configure the elements, as needed to have the highest loading and high quality for that color. Higher output, lower wastages, higher control along with the lower costs comes as an additional benefit, for our clients.

Raw Material Selection and Quality Control-

We put in lot of efforts to identify technical requirements of our clients. Therefore, we have invested in Injection Molding, 3 layer Co-extrusion film pilot plant, Blow Molding, BCF/POY/FDY yarn drawing Pilot plant and more to sample test as well as approve our masterbatches internally for the required application, before they are being released for dispatch.

Moreover, uncompromising policy towards quality is strictly followed for incoming raw material. All raw materials are obtained only from only reputed and proven sources in the industry. Procured material must be in line within a pre-specified narrow tolerance level for clearance and to be used for manufacturing process. An in-house modern and advanced QC Lab is equipped with requsite equipments such as Filter Pressure Value machines (FPV), TGA, DSC, Spectrophotometer, FTIR, UV testing machine, Rheology Testing machine and others, thus controls final product quality within the parameters.

Product Range and Global Presence

With a wide clientele based across the globe, we are aware of the fact that every client is unique in terms of their requirements of quality, end application, production technology, area of usage, and more. In last 18 years, we have been able to discuss as well as understand our clients specific requirements and throughout the process have manufactured a large range of product offering to meet the same. Most of these products have become part of our standard ready stock products.

With the support of our wide network of channel partners, we seek to ensure delivery anywhere across the world with a commitment of best quality, competitive price, extensive range, prompt response and readily available local stock.

We will be delighted to hear from you.